10 Things To Be Aware Of Before Dating & Marrying A Spartan Racer.


Good day Spartans around the world.

Spartans are a crazy bunch. We are pretty passionate about living the Spartan lifestyle and take racing very serious. But through all that intensity, we are pretty damn badass and love a good muddy time.

Before you jump into anything with a Spartan racer you should be aware of the following.

10 Things To Be Aware Of Before Dating & Marrying A Spartan Racer.

1-Your first date will be a 10 mile run, followed by 100 burpees and finished up with a rope climb holding a kettle bell.

2-Instead of going to a Caribbean island on vacation, you are informed that you have been booked for an amazing hotel close to the venue of a spartan race and that a spectator pass has your name on it.

3-You might be told at some point, “Hold on babe, I just got the volunteer email and have a 10 minute limit to choose a position before it fills up. I will call you back.’

4-Your car will start looking like a training center including buckets, water bottles, a spear, 3 different pairs of all-terrains, chews, spartan headbands, and a log.

5-You will never have to worry about your significant other screaming another persons name while you get romantic, however you may hear a screamed ‘AROO’ at some point.

6-You will watch the movie ‘300’ every Sunday to get ready for Monday and the week ahead of training.

7-You will have to do 5 pull-ups before you enter the kitchen on a pull up bar that has been placed in the doorway. Come on, you got it.

8-When it rains or snows, instead of cuddling up and having coffee and watching a good movie, you will have to go outside and make a mud pit that you can crawl through and do burpees in.

9-Instead of a profile pic of both of you, a  medal monday pic will go up every other Monday. Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean you are not loved. Let’s be honest, the medals are pretty unbelievable.  

10-Plan on an extra 20 minutes when you go to any public place, cause if you run into a fellow spartan wearing a finisher shirt, it is on. Of course you need to find out what races they have run and what training they are doing.

There you have it.

There is no better way to understand us than to join us.

You will know at the finish line.


Much Love, Amie

Do you have anymore tips for people becoming a part of our crazy spartan family?  I want to know them. Comment below and if I love them, I will add them onto the list.


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10 thoughts on “10 Things To Be Aware Of Before Dating & Marrying A Spartan Racer.

  1. Ha ha ha this is so perfect Ames! I definitely think you need to add, be prepared for your significant other to look like they’ve been beaten in the octagon and may have to answer some questions to friends and family members coworkers of the sort that no there is not abuse in your relationship!

    And that little things like getting the mail, walking up the steps To the theatre or big game on date night, or really family activity will turn into a competition and training opportunity!

    Plus it’s a bonus that no matter where you go, there will be an object that can be turned into training obstacles!! Stairs, Traffic cones, rocks, old tires on the side of the road, discarded broken bricks, children, you yourself,, the possibilities are and endless! 😉

  2. This is great! You might add, if you are dating/marrying someone with small children, they too maybe become Spartan racers! Prepare the other parent for training, lots of dirty clothes and the need to wear finisher shirts on school picture day! 😉

  3. At least one date night per week will be spent hosing of equipment and doing laundry together to wash off all the mud.

    You’re non Spartan partner will have to learn that touching someone of the opposite sex of you at a race is not cheating. It’s helping someone achieve their goal, even if you are touching their butt.

    Just because you drink the free beer after a race doesn’t mean you drink alcohol. You do it to help get you’re kidneys working again.

  4. I love this article! You may need to add that the other person needs realize that we’re gonna travel for races with or without him and my room with friends of the opposite sex. They can’t be jealous apes!

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