12 Things That Warrior Spartan Women Do That Are Straight BADASS.

We all know that Spartan Races and racers are changing the direction that fitness is headed in.

Spartan Women are making being a BADASS the new thing.

Here are 12 reasons how…

1- Instead of just heading to the stadium track to run, we bring a ‘WALL’ (I am serious, a legit wall)  to set up so that we can run 400 meters and then climb a wall in between.

2-We look at mud pits with excitement. Not only do we jump in, but then we climb out and clean up the mess fast and efficiently. *Spartan women have made mud sexy.

3-Hell no we don’t put our little kids in strollers. We strap one to the front and one to the back and hit hills or trails. Adulting and training all in one. I know, WE BAD.

4-Bruises are badges of honor. We are proud of our hard work.

5-We haven’t shaved or washed our hair in about 5 days? Oh well. Trainings have to be done. Dirty-messy-sweaty hair works better y’all.

6-Our neighbors drive by and constantly are catching us hanging from tree branches out in our front yard.

7-Forget normal birthday parties for our kids. We set up obstacles course parties where liability forms must be signed. 🙂 #obstaclecourseracinginprincessdresses

8-When we get home from trainings and take off our sports bra, dirt, rocks, sticks and sometimes even bugs fall out.

9-Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Ranch is our fav show. GET EM.

On a serious note…

10-We train to be badass. Performance is the name of the game. EFF working out just to look good.

11-We know that we can do hard things. Therefore we know that we can get through any challenge that comes across our path. In fact, OBSTACLES are our jam. Bring it!

12-We love other women and instead of being jealous or insecure or discouraging them, we inspire and encourage and uplift one another.

Spartan women across the world have made STRONG the new skinny.

SEXY is not just about boobs and butts. It is about the way you hold yourself, the way you train, the way you think and act. It is about having confidence and loving yourself. It is about respecting your body and your mind! Good luck to all you amazing women out there getting ready for a race. We don’t care if you are a size 2 or 20. If you train like a spartan, YOU’RE A SEXY BADASS BEAST. Freaking own it. AROO! AROO! AROO!










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