5 Reasons You Are A Badass Superhero.-The No Sugar Challenge.

As I was preparing some of my clients routines I had the same thought keep popping into my head, “All of these people are SUPER HUMANS’! How can some of them not see their true talents and awesomeness? Why are we so hard on ourselves that we can’t just STOP and enjoy and revel in our SUPER POWERS?

1-One of our Super Powers is SELF CONTROL!! The ability to turn down something that we want is unbelievable. The power to control what our body does by having self-control is even more impressive. We are creatures of habit, so, to be able to deny foods that we are used to is exceptional.

2-The ability to do and manage 10 million things at one time is FREAKING AWESOME! I literally was cleaning dishes, helping a kid solve a problem, and making appointments at the same time the other night! I know, I’m a BOSS!!!

3-The ability to adapt to any environment or situation that we are put in is pretty incredible. Can you think of any animal that if taken out of their environment and put into a different climate doesn’t have problems? I am constantly putting my clients in crazy and new situation and they adapt easily. On top of that, they thrive!

4-The ability to push our bodies to the breaking point is insane! I am constantly challenging myself and am always surprised and impressed with how far I can push it. I love seeing my fellow athletes and Spartans push their bodies to God like levels of performance.

5-This last reason in my mind is probably the most important and incredible. We all have the ability to.. CREATE AND CHANGE OUR FUTURE WITH OUR MINDS AND THOUGHTS. How empowering is that!

So we have self-control, we can manage a ton of things at the same time, we can adapt to different environments, we can push our bodies to the limit and we can control the future. I don’t know about you, but that seems pretty Super Hero-ish to me!


We are all going to put our SUPER HERO powers to the test and practice some SELF CONTROL.



Sugar is the cause of such bad things! It wrecks havoc on your body. It can make you tired, sluggish, fat, and even sick. Did you know that cancer feeds on sugar? Literally, when they do cancer tests they pump you full of sugar and the cancer attacks it. There is no better way to start a New Year than to correct some of our bad habits that do nothing for us.

This challenge starts tomorrow. I am going to actively do no sugar until Thanksgiving. We will then pick it back up and go until Christmas.

Get your notebooks and pens out and get ready to take notes.

There are two natural sugars that you are allowed to have and they are..honey and fruit, and I would like you to cut those off after 3pm. I know I am bossy. It is only for your good. 🙂

No list                                      Yes List

*no protein bars               *coffee (no sweeteners)

*no juices                              *protein shakes(under 5 g of sugar per serving)

*no bread                              *any kind of fruit before 3pm (don’t go crazy though)

*no soda                                *green tea

*no sugar-free items

*no cereal                             *have oatmeal for your breakfast cereal

*no energy drinks (except pre-workouts)

*no substitute sweeteners

*no candy, cake, cookies, etc.

Be conscious of what you’re eating. There are many foods that you wouldn’t think have sugar and before you know it the grams have sneaked up on you. I try to keep everything under 5g or less. Dressings, ketchup, and even hot dogs have sugar in them.

Message me if you have any questions that you need answered. I know you are going to feel amazing after a couple of weeks and you will be so glad you did this.

Can’t wait to hear how you are feeling and any results that you see.

Much love, AMIE


P.S-I made a shake the other day that looked disgusting but tasted absolutely delightful. (As seen above) 🙂

It really helped to curb my sugar cravings. Give it a try.

Like always, you know that I never have exact measurements. That’s how I roll.


-unsweetened almond milk




-sunwarrior chocolate protein.


*If you would like to join me, put your name in the comments below. Lets all  keep each other accountable.

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