5 Reasons You May Be A Gym Rat

Sometimes you have to just laugh at yourself. I find myself taking the gym entirely to serious at times. I often let my mind go while I am teaching classes and last night was one of those nights. As I taught a BOMB abs class, my eyes kept looking out the window at the same group of people (mostly men) that love to sit out there and watch. All the sudden I was busting a gut in my mind. WHO IN THE HELL WOULDN’T look into a room where there is the craziest moves ever happening?! Booty’s in the air, holding a ball, holding an egg formation and all sorts of strange things happen in classes. I can not lie, I love to watch Zumba! Those ladies know how to move! Every year I do a post about funny fit chick facts. Last year was, You Know Your A Spartan Chick When.., this years..”5 Reasons You May Be A Gym Rat” will definitely hit home. 🙂








If you have any funny “GYM RAT FACTS” send them my way. I would love to hear them. Myamiemail@gmailcom

So next time your at the gym, make sure to notice all of the funny things that are happening around you! I promise that if you do so, your workout will fly by. Oh and one more thing, girls, please remember to smile. Like I talked about in the Abs-Minus-Smile post, there is nothing less attractive than a girl that has a beautiful body but never smiles!

The Purse Salad Recipe


I think this is pretty self explanatory, but I will tell you my favorite things to add to my salads.

I always add red onion (I am an onion freak)

Red peppers

A little bit of low fat cheese (Helps with Thyroid problems)



Ground Turkey (I have been living on this stuff lately)


We talked about abs so much in this post, I felt like we needed a good ab workout.


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