America The Beautiful. -The Utah Spartan Recap.


(Utah spartan start line)

Good afternoon my fitness friends.

Let’s get started with a BANG!


The Utah Spartan was insane in the membrane.

Not just because of the crazy first hill climb at mile 2, but because this race was a whole lot of firsts for team MAXIMUS 300.

I decided that instead of running Elite this race, I was going to carry the flag and run with my team. I wanted to do the obstacles with my peeps and watch them kickass. Watch all of our hard work in play.


The hills were insane and the rig was lets just say, LEGIT. Low ring, baseball, high ring was the start of the torture chamber.

But the fun and laughs, superman falls(don’t ask), and injuries ;(, made this race memorable for me.

So, I am about to break it down real quick so that you can move on with your kickass Monday.


Carrying the flag made this race experience for me one of my favs. If you are as patriotic as our team, than you know what an honor it is to carry the flag and represent AMERICA. I still get goose bumps just thinking about it. Most people would scream AMERICA as we ran by, and I was touched to see how many people it affected.

I love my team and crew to pieces. There is nothing that I love seeing more than them working their butts off as well as helping one another dominate obstacles. I am sure I was beaming in pride.

We got to run with a famous person. Most of you know him from course build. Teeg is called, THE CHOSEN ONE, and if you don’t know who he is, you are missing out. I think you know how we feel about you ‘B’. We can’t wait for our next race together.

The down of this race was the injury of our Spit Fire Sassy, Stephy. She was coming off the monkey bars and landed wrong and knew right when she landed that it wasn’t good. 🙁 She spent the remainder of the race in the medic tent. Steph, you are the best and I know and hope that you will recover quickly.

The bottom line is, it doesn’t always have to be about the win or getting the fastest time. And although our next couple of races will be competitive and elite, there is a place for taking time to enjoy the race with the people you love. I am glad that I get to see and be a part of both sides of these races.

I loved being at the top of the ski resort and looking down on the lake and taking in the mountains of AMERICA. She is filled with beauty and her people are amazing. I meet new friends every race.

So Spartans, keep on keeping on. Let your stars shine. Work and train hard, but don’t forget to stop and enjoy the small pleasures of, THE RACE.


Much love, AMIE

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