An Inside Look At One Of The Ways Trafficking Traumatized Our Family.

This year has been a year of fighting, protecting, healing and recovering my daughter from being a victim of human trafficking. It still feels strange saying those words and strange to think that this even happened. There are so many components of this story that no-one knows about.  I will talk about little things here and there. I actually feel like it is important for everyone to have a little glimpse into the trauma and pain that was this experience. But today I have a specific purpose.


There were a few things that happened in our case that made things a lot more painful for my family and especially my other children.

My daughter in particular was tortured. She was bombarded by kids telling her that her family were liars. We were not in a place that we were able to comment and say anything about our case. We all had to bite our tongues and hold strong. It was so painful having our kids beg us to please say something. To announce to the world that what they were hearing was BS.

Those of you that know me, know that I speak my mind. I could not say anything then, but you better believe that I will say something now. I am writing this today to show my kids that I will always protect them. I will always stand up for them when they need me to.

The Las Vegas police dropped the ball in this case. They made a statement that absolutely should have not been made. There will be a time that I will talk about it and decide what needs to be said and done but today is not about them.

Some of the media than picked up the statement and rolled with it even though it was wrong, but once again, today is not about them.

So, here is the rant. I am finally able to stand up and say something for my children and I feel like it is important in their healing process. It was SO painful for my kids.

Our family did not lie. What we said happened, REALLY HAPPENED.

Shame on the LV police. Shame on the media for making a horrible situation 100 times more painful.  I am pretty sure that there was no higher level of pain than what we were going through already. Shame on the teenagers and people who shared posts that were so derogatory and wrong.

My kids had to watch their friends share posts that were saying that our family was lying to get attention.

We all have a choice of what kind of human we want to be, someone who shares light or someone who promotes darkness.

The bottom line is this; you don’t always know the facts. The media do not always care about truth. Have empathy towards others that are struggling.  We are all connected. Feel that. Nothing that anyone says will change TRUTH.

To my sweet kids,

You are stronger than any humans I know. WE are the strongest family I know. It does not matter what anyone says or does because we know the truth. I will fight for you as I did Sarah.

So much love, Mom.

P.S-I have to express how much I appreciate and love St.George News. They refused to post the story that they knew was not fact. I will forever have so much love for Shane and his people. Thank you. Love you.

If you are not following them, go follow them now.

In hope, so much hope,







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2 thoughts on “An Inside Look At One Of The Ways Trafficking Traumatized Our Family.

  1. I have so much love and respect for this family. They did not and will not let those monstrous people to take control of their lives. Instead of falling apart they took back their power and shined light on the darkness. It was so awful, what they have gone thru, and continue to struggle with, but they will survive because of the bond they have formed where others have been broken. Peace to you all and your future. <3

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