Asian Persuasion

I want to start out this post by remembering all the people that died on this horrible day. I think every American remembers where they were and what they were doing. I remember that I was at the gym getting ready to spin. Every person gathered around the front desk and watched as events unfolded before us. I remember those feelings and will NEVER FORGET that day.

Asian Persuasion

I am hoping to use my Asian Persuasion a little this morning. I spent a couple weeks in Japan two years ago visiting family and exploring the country. It was a trip like no other and I came back determined to live a different way. A much simpler way. The Japanese people love food and make meals about presentation and family. They also love green tea and drink it with every meal. They walk and ride their bikes. They present their food with such beauty you almost don’t want to eat it. There have been lots of studies to figure out why Japanese people live longer and what are the differences between western and Japanese lifestyles. Here are some reasons that they say factor into living longer lives.

*They tend to eat less

*They give attention to hygiene in all aspects of their life

*Their diet is packed with fish and vegetables

*They keep life fairly simple

*They go out and socialize

Look at this list. These things are things that can easily be done. Here is where my Asian Persuasion comes in. I hope that I can convince you that slowing down in your everyday life, enjoying meals with your friends and family, packing your diet with fish and veggies, taking care of your body and going out to socialize is not only good for your quality of life, but for the length of your life as well. 🙂 Loves to you all, Amie

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Found these easy recipes at.. that I am going to start incorporating into my diet.


Infuse your everyday oatmeal with a blast of antioxidants. Steep a green tea bag in boiling water, then mix your favorite instant oats in it and prepare as you normally would.


Refuel after a workout with a green tea smoothie. Green tea powder, particularly Japanese Matcha, blends easily with banana and a handful of frozen berries for an ice-cold shake.


In a food processor, crush nuts (almonds, walnuts, and pistachios are good choices) with Matcha powder, then roll a piece of fish in the crumbly mixture before baking. This healthy meal bursts with flavor and has a deliciously crunchy texture.

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