Damaged But Not Defined.-Our Love & Thankfulness For The LAPD.

Life for us the last couple of months has literally been the lowest of lows to the best day of our life and everything in-between. We are living moment to moment. Day-to-day . We don’t know what comes next except to get the help that Sar and our family needs and love each other hard. To be honest I have never felt this way. I am naturally a very positive and uplifting person. I can usually get through hard times with my mindset. This is different, this is hard. I have never felt anxiety before until now. I have never felt like I needed to talk to someone until now. So, all these firsts and nothing to tell you what comes next. I am however clear on a few things. I love my family and my kids with so much intensity I feel like I might burst. I am different that is for sure. I am damaged and broken but not defined. Things that are broken can usually be fixed and I feel myself being glued and taped and mended back to myself. It will be a process, but one that will 100% happen.

I am a blogger. In my life, when I go through something hard, I like to talk to my people about it. It is a little bit of therapy for me. It may not mean anything to anybody else, but I have a feeling that for the many that have gone through something like we have gone through, it may hit a nerve. For those select people, let’s heal together.

Our case is complicated. It is full of twists and turns. It is deep and full of the underground things. The things you only think happen in the movies. For us they came true. My daughter is strong. She is a warrior. She also is a minor. A girl trying her hardest to even feel normal again.  This is going to be a long ride. Full of ups and downs. She is my hero and I will fight tooth and nail to keep her feeling safe and loved. As well as my other children that have had to deal with the mean people of the world. I will fight to keep them safe and happy too. We will not talk about the dirty details of our story until we can and until Sarah wants to. She may never. That is her right.

I do however want to tell you about a few sweet stories that happened along the way. The things that will end up really making a difference anyway.

Written by my husband..

  “We were able to make an unannounced visit with SERT Ministries to thank the LAPD Wilshire division for their part in rescuing Sarah. Thank you Ryan Smith who put us in contact with SERT Ministries for who will be forever grateful! This was one of my favorite pictures of Ryan’s. It’s titled “The Tempest.” We were able to present it to them. There is always a little bit of light in complete darkness.
Such good things are happening!
Thank you all!”

Every one of these police officers were a part of rescuing Sarah. Every one of them is my hero. They rarely get appreciated. They become police officers to try to do good. To help people. I am sure that it gets so hard to feel like they are making a difference with the things they see. For me and my family they made all the difference in the world. They are amazing.

When Sarah got to the police station, she was pulled aside and one of the officers told her..”This does not define you.” He went out of his way to express this to her. This was one of the first things she told me. It impacted her. It changed her, and I will be forever grateful to this officer.

Finally, there was nothing more sweet than reading a little message that Sarah wrote to these officers. There is nothing more that needs to be expressed about this story. You will see. Have some tissues ready. 🙂

  “When I saw you guys by the door I felt the world lifted off my shoulders. I just knew you were there to save me and my prayers had been answered. With all the doubt I had, you guys were my little bit of hope. You went above and beyond when others looked away. I want you to know I have a second chance to be with my family and live a full life all thanks to you. I want you all to take pride in what you’ve done and do. I love you all my heart. Thank you again so so much. I’ll never forget. Yours truly, Sarah”

We found Sarah and it is a miracle.  SHE IS NOT DEFINED BY WHAT HAPPENED. I have a feeling that she will help many others define their stories. She already has. 🙂 She is amazing and strong and I am so thankful that I get to be her mom.

Thank you to the men and women of the BLUE. You don’t know me very well, but I LOVE you.

In hope, so much hope, Amie

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4 thoughts on “Damaged But Not Defined.-Our Love & Thankfulness For The LAPD.

  1. Glory to God I prayed so hard she would be found so blessed to know about you and your daughters story still praying.

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