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Attention gym girls everywhere!  How many of you feel like you live in your gym clothes? How many of you want to still look fly in your gym clothes? How many of you have run into someone at the gym that is wearing the same shirt that you picked up at Target? If you have answered yes to any of these questions than this post is for you!!


For those of you that know me, you know that I am a fashion freak! I love to dress up and I love wearing things that are unique and different. For some reason I have been blessed with the talent of putting amazing outfits together and there has been many a time I have dressed my family and friends. For me my love for fashion does not stop at the gym! In fact, if your going to be in your gym clothes all day, you might as well look fabulous, right?!

I have put together a list of gym fashion musts. Don’t Laugh! I know I am crazy! I also know that I am a rebel at heart and can get a little flashy at times. Sorry! That is just me, CRAZY AMIE!

You have to have something that is BRIGHT and COLORFUL!!



I Don’t know about you, but I feel like a super hero every time I go to the gym. You must have something super hero-ish in your gym attire. I bought these Marvel pants at Khols.




I am in love with scarves during the winter!!! Two gym musts.

1-Your sons cut up old hoodie

2-A FAB scarf that you can throw on and look like a sexy beast!



Hats save a gym girls life. When you are in a hurry and still want to look cute, you can throw on a cute hat and look like a million bucks. Pick some up that are interesting and and not boring.



Cute gym gloves are key! There is nothing that makes you feel cuter than little black leather pair of gloves. I got these babies at Hot Topic in Vegas.



Every girl needs a nipple head beanie. THIS IS WHAT MY TEENS CALL THEM. They can cover up messy hair as well as just look plain SWAG!



We all know that I am a CUTTER! I pretty much cut up every shirt that comes into my possession. Don’t be afraid to make T-shirts exactly what style fits your liking. And don’t forget to make it sassy. 🙂




For all you fashionistas out there, don’t be afraid to take it into the gym. BE DIFFERENT! BE YOU!

Much Love, AMIE

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