F&%k Thigh Gap!

I would like you to meet my daughters Sarah and Emmy. 021813230203 2012-11-08_19-39-58_984

I would like to add that I am very proud that they are already learning the amazing art of selfies. ( said in the most sarcastic voice possible)

As you can tell they are beautiful girls, and don’t or won’t ever have to worry about being an ugly duckling like their mom was. I as a mom have been trying to instill in them an inner love and respect for themselves. If you are lucky than you have parents that teach you that looks don’t mean anything in the long run, and it is the love that you have for your inner self that is what matters. 🙂

So the story begins here..

My Emmy was at school the other day and a boy started telling her that if girls don’t have what is called “thigh gap” than they are fat. If you don’t know what “THIGH GAP” is, it is when you stand up with your feet together and your thighs don’t touch. Now is the time you go take a bathroom break while I research who this kid and his parents are so I can call and give them a piece of my mind. I am sure that all of you other women want to vomit at this point because you feel and have felt the pressure of being a girl in this generation. So to this I have to say…


Sorry about the language but I feel strongly about this subject.

First- I have been trying all day to think of one woman that I know that has thigh gap. I came up with one woman that I see at the gym occasionally, but I am pretty sure she is anorexic and I don’t know her name so she doesn’t count. I don’t know about you, but my group of friends workout so that they have what I am now calling, NOTHAP. NO THIGH GAP (for those of you that couldn’t figure it out).

Second-My mind has been spinning all day with the benefits of having NOTHAP and I am now convinced that the 2% of girls that have THIGH GAP are unaware of the perks. So, I now present to you..


Spin is amazing with NOTHAP. I am telling you right now that if you didn’t have something to help secure you on the saddle you would walk away much more sore than you already do.

NOTHAP is amazing in jeans and in shorty shorts! Can you imagine not having any shape there? It would look like you were in a gang and sagging, but in the wrong place.


Coffee in the morning is my love. I can confirm that NOTHAP is essential for holding your coffee in the morning as you drive your kiddos to school or run on errands.

NOTHAP is bomb diggity for the grappling sessions that I torture myself with all the time. I am convinced that I could burst an orange with these babies.


As you can see, your life would not be as good with the stupid “thigh gap”

Because I felt so strongly about this, I have decided that I need to help the poor girls and women that have not been blessed with NOTHAP.

I am creating a pair of NOTHAP pants. They are not in production at this time but I will be sure to let you know when they go big.

We will have a million different prints that are very fashionable.

As you can see we have made a little pocket on the inner thigh and will send you a huge amount of material so that you can mold and form the size of NOTHAP that you want.


  On a serious note though, let’s all get realistic about body image. It is up to us to teach our girls that such things like THIGH GAP is craziness. Wasting any precious time worrying about something that is so foolish and unimportant in the scheme of things, is criminal.  I think we also need to teach our boys that going after a girl just because she is “HOT” is a sure shot at divorce or heartache. Don’t be shocked when you see me doing plie’ squats everyday of my life to make sure that I never lose my NOTHAP. Hope all of you have a great one. CHEERS!

Much love, AMIE

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7 thoughts on “F&%k Thigh Gap!

  1. Let me just say that this boy has no idea what he’s talking about. A real man knows a real woman has curves and loves her for it. He also knows it’s not normal OR healthy to have this so called “thigh gap”. Ladies, we have to love and embrace our body’s curves. They are what make us sexy! Work it, love it, flaunt it!

  2. I absolutely love this blog. It so important to love your curves and not get so hung up on what society deems beautiful. So many girls get pumped with all these negative images at such a young age. And even us old folks get stuck trying to live up and achieve the perfect image. Thank you for showing us its ok to have curves and that every one is beautiful regardless of what our shape is. You are truly an inspiration to everyone!

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