How Coffee Helped Get A Family Through The Nightmare Of Human Trafficking.

“Please put another pot on. It is going to be a long night.” -Said every adult in our family & crew

To say that any of us got any sleep for over a month would be a complete understatement.

We literally did not sleep for pretty much the entire time Sar was missing. How could we?

We were frantic, devastated, driven, and scared.

I have really come to love coffee though and I want to tell you why.

My office was taken over as base camp and my family, friends and I set in to do our own PI work. We were not going to allow Sarah to stay missing. I faltered sometimes I am not going to lie. I felt desperate and overwhelmed that we were not going to find the things that we needed. My family and friends stayed strong. They were determined to not only find Sar but to keep me going and busy, DOING. So many times I would hear someone say..”Let’s get some coffee and get to work.” The second that coffee would touch my lips, I would have just enough energy to push through.

We spent from the second that the sun would rise to the earliest hours of the next morning working. Collecting data, making calls, arranging files, and combing through messages.

We would sit around the table discussing our next step. What everyone’s opinion was and where we thought Sar was. With coffee in hand we fought, cried, pleaded, begged, hoped and worked.

When SERT (Our non-profit organization) entered our life, same thing, COFFEE=survival. We traveled clinging to our Starbucks. Determined to make it to the next step. I will never forget the time I saw Pastor Rudy walk in with a BOX of coffee made for about 30 people. You better believe that sucker was gone and not a drop wasted. I also will never forget the time that we stopped into a Starbucks to use the bathrooms and I could not take it for one more second. I had a nervous breakdown with the costumers scared behind me because of  what they were witnessing. I remember looking up at my sisters and my new-found family of people who I just met but who would be my hope and world for the next little while. I had no clue what I was supposed to do next. Every person looked back at me with so much love and hope and frustration at watching me die in excruciating pain. It all went down in a trusty old Starbucks. lol

Looking back I learned so much sitting around base camp table with coffee and my people.

I learned how strong and amazing every women in my life is. How strong my family is. How strong the human spirit to survive is.

When we got Sar back, can you guess what she wanted to do and have? That’s right, coffee. She loves little ma-&-pa places and loves trying different coffee’s. Joy and thankfulness fill all of our hearts at every coffee shop that we go into.

Can you see why I love coffee? In a weird way I am thankful to coffee. It gave me just enough energy and hope to keep focused.

Everyone raise your coffee mug. Cheers to finding my girl. Loving family and friends, and having gratitude for the smallest things in life, like coffee. 😉


In hope, so much hope,




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