Raw Dog-Why I Feed My Dog As Raw As Possible.


Meet my Spartan dog ‘GHOST.’ I know, adorable right? He is called a Dogo Argentina and is going to be HUGE. I have never been a pet person, and honestly didn’t really like animals, don’t hate me. :)Now after having him and our cat, Meko, I don’t understand how people live without a pet. I didn’t realize how much I would love this dog.

Picture this..messy pineapple air, sun glasses, wind in my face, in the razor out in the middle of nowhere and my standard podcast going through my headphones.

I can’t even remember what the podcast of choice was that day but it started talking about a study called Pottenger’s Cats. Where generations of cats were fed a raw diet and a processed diet. The cats that were fed processed cooked food became unhealthy and over generations became more sick and even unable to have kittens.


It also talked about the things that pet companies put into dog food. NASTY, NASTY, NASTY STUFF. At this point, I pulled off my headphones and told my husband that we are making Ghost a raw dog.

Before I get talking about what I have done with my dog so far. I do not want you to think that I have gone completely raw. I am a very busy person and do not have time or money to feed my dog a raw chicken every meal. I do however have the desire to feed my family and my animals as clean as possible. But just like my family, there has to be balance, at least for me and in my life right now.

This is what I picture for myself and Ghost. If he were wild what are the things that he would find to eat? Just like paleo, I try to go for things that are from the earth.


So, this is what I do and here are my tips for a healthy dog.


-We have found an organic dog food from Costco that has become our staple dog food. Just like my own food I look for the least amount of ingredients. 

-Every morning or every other, I break two raw eggs over the top of his dog food for breakfast.

-Apples and bananas are his snacks and he can’t get enough of them.

-I try to make bone broth every Sunday so we have it through out the week. I usually like to cut off the majority of the skin. I feed the skin, and as much raw meat as I can. Remember that cooked bones are not good for dogs. When the bone broth is done, I scoop a couple of cups into his water bowl. 

-Coconut oil is amazing to feed to dogs and once again I will put a couple of table spoons over one of his meals.


Hope these few tips are helpful. I would love to hear what you guys do to keep your dogs healthy. Let’s start a dialog about RAW dogs.

P.S-Just like dog food, our food is also packed with unhealthy ingredients. You can be fooled, even by health and nutrition companies. I have been looking at different proteins and you better believe that I am getting a post ready about what I find.

Here is to having healthy animals.

Much love, AMIE


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