Spartan Finisher T-shirt Cutting Extravaganza.


Do you have a million finisher and volunteer shirts like I do?  I have a stack like I just walked into American Eagle in the mall all nicely folded.

We all know that I am rebel. After being in the gym for 17 years I can not have material on my shoulders. It drives me literally mad! We also know that I am a born cutter. I was born to cut shit up. 🙂

So if you want ideas of how to cut up your shirts and make them look fantastic, sexy, like a spartan rebel, and sleeve free, well, you have come to the right place.

Spartan did a blog post about how to cut up one of my fav cuts. SPARTAN BLOG POST.

They break it down into steps to make it easy to understand. Check it out by hitting the link above. Or…check out the amazing professional video below. And when I say professional, I mean this amazing video that my friend Tara shot with her iPhone. You know, we are legit. HA!

Here is the exciting part. We are having a T-shirt cutting party, and you are invited. If you are not close, than do not worry, because we will be filming two more cut tutorials just for you.

YOU ARE INVITED. August 5th at 5pm. $10 for non dumbbell housewife members and $5  for members. Get your scissors and shirts ready, lets cut baby.

To make it even more exciting and fun we will also have drinks and healthy treats. So, you know, you don’t want to miss out.

I have loved seeing all the pictures that you sexy fitness chicks have sent me of this cut. Keep sending them.

So much love, AMIE

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