The Benefits Of Meditation And The Power Of Affirmations


Life sure does get crazy sometimes, doesn’t it? I start out in the morning feeling amazing and so excited about all the things that I am going to get done and before I know it, it’s time for bed. WHAT THE HECK? As I was running like a chicken with my head cut off yesterday, it was reconfirmed to me how important my meditation time is. Even though mine lasts for about 5 minutes, that 5 minutes sometimes saves my life. 🙂

My tip today, take time to meditate. Besides the benefit of stress reduction, improved health, improved sleep, slowed aging, it just makes you feel good. As you can see I stopped to take a minute while I folded laundry. I made a cup of green tea which has been my beverage of choice lately. With all the benefits of green tea, there is no reason not to drink it. You put tea and meditation together and you have a pretty good”ME” moment to clear your mind and breath!


 I don’t even know how to meditate, you ask? Let me tell you exactly what I do, and hopefully it will help you out.

I have written down a list of affirmations that I want to feel and live. When I am in a rush and my mind does not seem to be able to slow down enough to create my own thoughts, I revert back to my affirmations. I have gotten into the habit of reading my affirmations every morning, so much so, that I have them memorized. So, when I get a chance to meditate during the day, first I make my green tea, then I sit down somewhere quiet and comfortable and then go over my affirmations in my mind.

I wanted you to be able to start somewhere so I have made up a list of my favorite affirmations. Take a few minutes every day to run through this list or your own. After all, what they say is really true…”WHAT YOU THINK IS WHAT YOU ARE!”

List Of Affirmations

 *I am healthy in mind, body and soul

*I am loved and loving

*I am happy in my life

*I only do things that I want to do

*I am a great spouse

*I am a great parent

*I am great at and love my job

*I bring everything good into my life

*I only surround myself with like-minded people

*I love to learn

PDF file here…Affirmations

There is so much power in affirmations and positive words and thoughts. Try this for just a week and I promise that you will feel like all is right with the world.

Much love, Amie

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