The MAX Fundraiser To Save The Next Girl-Wrap Up.

There I was in the middle of spin class in front of 30 people. It had been a week and a half since we had found Sarah. The song ‘Stand By You’ came on and I couldn’t control my emotions. Tears streamed down my face as we climbed a monster hill. I looked out at my people. The ones that have been spinning with me for years, and I couldn’t believe how much I loved them. They stood with me through the worst time of my life. Even after seeing all the negative crap online (which was all untrue by the way) they walked through hell with me.

There is not much more that needs to be said. Our community stepped up for my family in our time of need and stepped up again to support Sert Ministries to help SAVE THE NEXT GIRL.  Thank you, thank you, thank you. My heart is always about to explode lately. Don’t worry, the crying episodes are getting less and less. lol

We came, we rowed, we laughed, we cried, and we sweat our butts off as we hour after hour fought to, END IT.

Thank you to all of our rowers and sponsors and donors. We had people all over the country that took an hour to help us bring awareness. Thank you to all of our vendors and community that came out to inspire and motivate us. We had such a great turn out. A special thank you to Stephen Wade who donated a car to SERT. #gogetthegirls

We have decided that we are going to make this an annual event and I hope  that all of you that supported and helped and participated this year will be there next year. We are amping up and making it a challenge. Join the cause and join the sweat. Please follow us and get ready to rock awareness all year-long. The Row Challenge To End Human Trafficking

$10,500 dollars was raised for Sert Ministries.

590,000 meters were rowed in that 24 hour period and that is just the people from our area.

We had little girls rowing because they wanted to do good and help.

Have I won you over yet? If not, let’s bring on the video and pics.

Words can not express our gratitude and love for all of you.

I know this is a long post and I am sorry. We finished up the fundraiser by hearing from SERT. We ended with the following message to Sarah. Thank you again for your love and support. Until next year. So much love, AMIE

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