Well hello world!

Hello Dumbbell Housewives! This is our first post and I can’t wait to share with you all of my thoughts, questions, advice and straight talk. This all started as I laid in bed thinking and reflecting about my kids and all the things I wanted to impress on them. I have four kids. Two boys and two girls. I can not help but be concerned about all the things that our kids see and deal with on a daily bases but especially our daughters. I do not want my girls to think that what they see on magazines is real, because it is not! I want them to know their worth and their importance. So here is to all of us women that have an opportunity to teach and change the way that our girls think about themselves!  We are the examples of what is acceptable and the norm in their lives. Let’s all do our part in saying enough is ENOUGH. We are who we are because of our talents, thoughts, education, opinions, imperfections  and not because of our bodies and looks.  I am not saying that our appearance does not matter because it does. First impressions mean a lot. If we can teach our girls to truly love who they are then I think that they will respect their bodies and minds and in return find happiness. This world can sure get confusing, so lets straighten out a few things for them and us…………buckle in, I think this is going to be a fun but crazy ride!!!!

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