When In Doubt, Squat It Out. 21 Day Summer Booty Challenge.

Good morning my Dumbbellhousewife friends. I am ready to take my fitness game into HYPERDRIVE!

For the next couple of weeks for The MAX ELITE, we are putting a little extra focus on the booty! I don’t know about you, but I always get a little worried when summer comes around and I am not feeling my best. So, for the next 21 days, we are going to be squatting, lunging, jumping and all sorts of crazy moves. Come join me and the rest of The MAX fit fam and feel the burn!

I will be posting a new workout every day and will add it to this post. Make sure to check in every morning and finish the workout by the end of the day. You guys down? If you are committed add your name to the comments below.  Tag @dumbbellhousewife and @themax_maxedoutperformance if you want a shout out.



When In Doubt, Squat It Out!

Summer Booty Challenge


*100 power squats

*50 donkey kicks on each side

*20 weighted squats(HEAVY DUMBBELLS)

*10 weighted jump squats(10lb dumbbells)


Day 2

*50 walking lunges (heavy dumbbells)

*20 box jumps

*20 burpees

*50 walking lunges (heavy dumbbells)

*30 toe touches (use a dumbbell)

2 or 3 sets

Ready, set, go!


*Plie’ Squats (20 reps)(dumbbells)

*Step ups on high bench (20 reps)(dumbbells)

*Mountain Climbers(100 reps)


-Start with a lighter pair of dumbbells

-2nd set move up to medium

-3rd set grab as heavy as you can

Summer Booty Challenge


*10 push ups

-10 half burpees


*50 reverse lunges with dumbbells

-5 full burpees


*10 basic squats with 10 pulses at the bottom(w/dumbbells)

-30 explosion(jumping)lunges w/dumbbells


Before every workout, I get focused, set a goal, and then, I TEAR IT THE FREAK UP!

Day 5

*25 Burpees

*15 push-ups with dumbbells

*12 Plank Rows with dumbbells

*20 step ups on each side(high bench)

*15 Plie squat jumps with dumbbells

*30 crunches




Stop what you are doing and get it done. 🙂


*50 jumping lunges

*10 high tuck jumps

*20 stiff leg deadlifts(medium weight)

*50 low lunge pulses on each side

-get into a lunge position with legs as wide as you can go. Drop the same hand of the leg that is behind to the ground on fingertips. Pulse it out-GET LOW

*20 squat knees

-squat down and as you come up bring one knee up towards chest, then squat and move to the other side.


After all workouts remember to stretch.


*50 walking lunges(holding heavy dumbbells)

*15 burpees

*40 walking lunges

*15 burpees

*30 walking lunges

*15 burpees

*20 walking lunges

*30 side plank dips on each side(pictured)

*100 crunches

Summer Booty Challenge


Throw on your cutest summer dress and show off those HOT legs.

*100 plie squats

*100 plie squat pulses

*20 split lunges on a bench on each side

-put the back leg up on a bench and lunge down

*15 one legged deadlifts on each side


Day 10

*20 plie squats into an upright row(heavy dumbbells)

*20 outer thigh lifts on each side

-standing up, lift one leg straight up to one side. make sure your toes are facing straight out in front of you

*20 power push-ups (move fast)

*20 up-downs (make sure the chest hits the ground)

-like a burpee except you’re going to lower yourself all the way down to the ground,  then jump legs in and stand straight up, no jump.


Wait, wait, wait, you’re not done.

*50 explosion lunges with dumbbells

*50 plank hip dips

-in half plank position(on elbows)-drop the hips one at a time to the ground.(side to side)


Day 11


* 1-minute sprint up a hill (if you can’t make it to a treadmill or track, run in place with knees high. move fast #sprintstatus)

*50 squats with heavy dumbbells

*50 plank glute raises. (25 on each side)

* 1-minute plank


You can do this! You are dedicated! Move your body!

DAY 12

*Start in downward dog, move the body into plank position and then do 10 push-ups and then move right back into down dog. 10 reps. only go through this rotation once.

*30 jump ins

-start in plank, jump both feet up to the hands. move fast

*10 slow crunches-2 counts up and 2 counts down


Make sure to stretch today, so you are ready for tomorrow. 🙂

DAY 13. Guess what? Today is a rest day. Give your legs a rest and make sure to meditate, stretch and relax. Check out my meditation post below.

The Benefits Of Meditation & Relaxation 

Day 14

*30 Side walking squats on each side

*30 Prayer squat jumps

-Legs wide and arms wide as you jump squat

*30 Basic squats with dumbbells

*30 Forward lunges on each side

*30 Side Lunges holding dumbbell-15 on each side

*15 leg lifts-Core


DAY 15


*15 high tuck jumps

*20 dumbbell squats

*25 lunges with glute raise on each side

-start in a lunge position, lunge straight down and then stand and raise back leg squeezing the booty. keep it on one side at a time.

*50 bodyweight squats (move fast)

*60 punches holding dumbbells

*20 full sit-ups


Day 16

*60 power squats with light weight

-holding light weight, come down into squat and power up. (move pretty fast but make sure to have good form and be safe)

*10 burpees

*50 power squats with medium set of dumbbells ( I used 12lb dumbbells)

*10 burpees

*40 power squats with heavy dumbbells ( I used 25lb dumbbells for this one)

*10 burpees

*50 jumping lunges(explosion lunges) using the light weight dumbbells

*50 jumping lunges using the medium

*50 jumping lunges using the heavy.

I love seeing muscles on women’s legs! How powerful and sexy.

DAY 17

Peeps, we are almost done! How is everyone feeling? Keep going and finish off with a bang.

*15 jump ups (box jumps)

*15 reverse lunges on each side holding heavy dumbbells

*20 squat jumps holding the same dumbbells

*20 shoulder presses

*15 upright rows

*10 side lateral raises

*20 reverse crunches (make sure your booty comes off the ground)


Day 18 summer challenge

Be ready to pull up your dress and dance like no one is watching!

DAY 18

*20 plank rows on each side. 10 with your arm close to the body and 10 elbows coming out to the side

*20 static lunges

-like an explosion lunge except you are going to stay low and hold 3 seconds in between jumps

*50 low in & out squats

-start in a squat position. jump in and out and stay low

*30 curtsy lunges with dumbbells

*30 plank knee to elbow. move back and forth between legs.



day 19

DAY 19

I can not believe we have just a few routines to finish. I hope that you have enjoyed this challenge and that you have seen some change in your booty and legs.

*15 (wide) straight leg deadlifts. Use a heavier set of dumbbells and widen your legs to almost a plie’ stance.

-be careful with wide leg deadlifts. make sure that your back is straight

*10 burpees with dumbbells

*15 bicep curls using dumbbells

*15 tricep kickbacks

*15 forward lunges on the left side

*15 plie’ squats

*15 forward lunges on the right side

*10 burpees using dumbbells


1st set-use light dumbbells

2nd set-up your weight

3rd set-HEAVY!!



WELL DONE MY FRIENDS!! You have made it through 20 days of routines. How do you feel?

*20 plie jumps with dumbbells

*20 step ups on each side with a heavy set of dumbbells

*10 high tuck jumps

*10 burpees

*20 split lunges on each side-back foot up on a bench

*20 squats into a shoulder press

*100 mountain climbers


I am so proud of all of you! Now, go hit it!

 I count


21 Days

Day 21

30 Plie Squats

20 Step ups on each leg-fast without weight

10 Single leg stiff leg deadlifts


30 OH walking lunges

20 Side lunges w/weight

10 Jump squats-weighted


Well done everyone. I hope the rest of your summer is amazing.

You can visit The MAX at..

The MAX  

See you tomorrow morning.


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