Why I Am Starting Over With My Blog. Hi, My Name Is Amie.

I have been wanting to change the way I blog for the entire last year. I know, crazy. I just didn’t know the right way to go about it. I didn’t know how to transition into what I really want to talk about.

So, I am starting over. Why you ask? Because I have changed. I have grown up in so many ways and I don’t want to live and blog about things that are not the way I feel. I hate living in a way that is not authentic to me. I want to blog about my new ways of living a healthy lifestyle. My opinions of the health industry have totally changed and I want to talk about them. I want to talk about everything OCR(obstacle course racing). I want to talk about raising teenagers. I have seven of them and I feel that I have a lot to offer about raising teens. It  has been the most challenging thing I have done. I want to talk about our new gym ‘THE MAX’. I want to talk about all the things that go into running a gym as well as having business partners as your best friends and how we make it work. I want to talk about parties, because we throw a party like nobody’s business. I want to talk about science because I am a total nerd. I want to connect more with all of you, because I am a people person and that is why I started blogging in the first place. There are so many fitness blogs out there that talk about workouts, diets, and fitness tips. At first I really had a passion for being one of those, but not anymore. I still will share amazing workouts when I come up with one that I know you guys will love.

Why do I know that it will be just fine? I am sure that I will lose some followers and that is ok. I just want to try to keep things authentic to who I am. I hope you guys feel that. I feel like to be a great blogger you have to connect to people as well as be a great community leader. Because in all reality, you are creating a little community of your own. I have a talent for bringing people together. I am all about community and connecting with people on a deep level.  I want to connect with you, and I hope you want to connect with me as well.

Here we go 2017. Bring on the change. I hope that you will still follow along with me. I hope you know how much I appreciate you. I appreciate your support and I want to give you posts that will benefit you living a healthy lifestyle which to me encompasses every aspect of life.

Hello my friends! My name is Amie Ellis and I am so excited to give you a dose of healthy living inspiration.

Who am I? I am no one really. Just a mom of seven kiddos, a wife to a fabulous man, athlete, racer, director, instructor, a trainer, a life coach, a friend, daughter, sister and lover of life. Wow, I guess that makes me somebody!

Why do I do this? I do this to inspire women to change their thinking. After years of training, I realized that the majority of women I met had a very low self-esteem about themselves. My mission became very clear and I knew exactly what I wanted and needed to do. I needed to start a revolution; a revolution of women that didn’t hate themselves.

Where and when? You can count on having posts a couple of times a week, and maybe even an extra one if your lucky. Don’t forget to LIKE me on Facebook for inspiration posted daily. I can’t wait to get to know you and hear your stories.

Time to live healthy.

Feel free to message me with any questions you might have at myamiemail@gmail.com. You can also find me on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Follow along with our new gym, ‘The MAX’.

Much sweaty healthy love, AMIE

The MAX-Maxed Out Performance


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