You Know Your A Spartan Woman When…

-Your car looks like it is where water bottles and tupperware go to die.

-Your purse looks like your ‘pushin’ vitamins on the side. – “Hey Kid, wanna buy some glucosamine?”

-Every time you leave the house you not only have enough meals packed to last 2 days and enough water bottles to survive Armageddon but you also have a bag with 2 sports bras, an extra pair of socks, an extra set of gym cloths, deodorant, baby wipes – sense who knows when you’ll get your next shower, Cough Drops, Allergy Medicine – Cause lord knows Ashie turns straight bitch when the wind is blowing in her face, A hat to hide the ever so sexy ‘Drown Rat’ look after spin, Ibuprofen, Make Up and of course a never ending supply of perfumes and hand sanitizers.

-Your trunk looks like a sporting goods store complete with;  a camel bak – cause we all know Amie’s got some crazy shit up her sleeve! Dumbbells – 8lbs and 15lbs lol Just in case shit gets crazy. Spin shoes, Sunscreen, a towel and of course a change of shoes.

-You get to the gym, change and realize you’ve accidently packed the ‘camel toe’ shorts but class is about to start … So screw it.

-You catch yourself screaming ‘Aroooo’ at your kids sports games.

-Your boyfriend is totally grossed out by the movie ‘300’ but your busy taking play by play notes of every scene.

-You realize you haven’t shaved in 5 days!

-You schedule your hair washings around training sessions. But despite your best efforts realize you’ve got some serious dreads starting.

-Your body is covered with bruises and scrapes!

-You get excited about training in the rain!

-You have a pull up bar in the door way to your laundry room and MUST complete 2 full pull ups before entering.




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